Regarding COVID-19: Our virtual appointment option is a safe way to decrease risk of infection by allowing you to skip the emergency room and meet with a dentist from the comfort of your own home.
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How The Virtual Dental Appointment Works
Step 1
Fill out the form on the next page and submit a selfie as a JPG, PNG, or PDF. Tell us your dental concerns in the form.
Step 2
Once you fill out the form, you will have the option to schedule a time directly with Dr. Pasco for your online consultation.
Step 3
We'll provide a Zoom link for your upcoming call with Dr. Leslie Pasco, a top Pennsylvania dentist.
Why Request an Online Consultation?
Why Request a Virtual Appointment?
Our Virtual Dental Appointment process gives you access to high-quality treatment options from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have a chipped tooth, a crooked smile, or bleeding gums... Dr. Pasco can jump on a video call with you to answer any questions and guide you.

Plus... You get to skip requesting time off work, sitting in a waiting room, and wasting hours of your day! It's a win-win.

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